Are you looking to lower your handicap, become more consistent, or just want to feel more confident playing with different people?

No matter what it may be, let's get it started right NOW! Our instructors are CPGA qualified with years of experience, and are committed to bringing you the highest level of instruction with the maximum amount of enjoyment. There are private as well as group lessons available upon request.


Andy Neilsen
CPGA Class A Professional


Custom Club Fitting

Today there is no reason any player looking to purchase a set of clubs should buy a set that does not fit his/her swing characteristics. Our club fitter has the ability and the tools to find your optimum club specifications. During your personal club fitting session you will try clubs with different lie angles, shaft lengths, shaft flexes, outdoors, watching complete ball flight. No guess work is required since you won't be hitting into a net. And remember buying the right set of clubs costs the same as buying the wrong set.